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We remove language barriers


Improve your vocabulary and pronunciation with our audio Phrasebook by repeating, practicing and learning conversational phrases. Learn English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese phrases every day by using our Phrase of the Day.

Phrase of the Day

Practice and learn conversational phrases in many languages every day.


Practice greetings phrases in 8 different languages.


Learn how to introduce yourself in a variety of languages.

Common Expressions

Use common phrases to express yourself better in foreign languages.

Special Occasions

How to say right things on Special Occasions?

How to Say

Learn how to say this or that in different languages.


Helpful phrases to express your feelings: joy, thanks, disbelief.


Common phrases to ask time in many languages.


Express yourself how you feel outside.


Learn how to invite your friend or entertain yourself.


Useful travel phrases to book tickets, reserve a hotel, get the baggage.


Do you know how to call the taxi in other languages?

Getting Directions

Useful phrases to ask directions in many languages.


Learn phrases how to use banking services overseas.


Helpful phrases to shop worldwide.


Learn restaurant-related phrases in many languages.


Who is calling? Learn how to say it in 6 languages.

Proverbs & Sayings

Learn proverbs and saying in a variety of languages.  Listen how they sound, know their meanings.