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Text to Voice

Text to Voice, also known as Text-to-Speech (TTS), is a method of speech synthesis that converts a written text to an audio from the text it reads.


The Text-to-Speech engine has been implemented into various online translation and text-to-speech services. The natural sounding text to speech service reads out loud anything you like in a variety of languages and dialects in male and female voices.

The TTS service speaks Chinese Mandarin (female), Chinese Cantonese (female), Chinese Taiwanese (female), Dutch (female), English British (female)English British (male)English American (female)English American (male)French (female)German (female)German (male)Hindi (female)Indonesian (female)Italian (female)Italian (male)Japanese (female)Korean (female)Polish (female)Portuguese Brazilian (female)Russian (female)Spanish European (female), Spanish European (male)Spanish American (female).

Text to voice software has many uses. For example, if someone was visually impaired, you could create an e-mail and have it converted from text-to-speech, and send it to them. They would then be able to listen to your e-mail, instead of reading it.

Another example is you might have an assignment in school, and you need to research a lot of material. Instead of reading through all of it on the Internet, you could copy and paste the text into a text-to-speech program, and listen to the material.

Text-to-Speech has been implemented into all ImTranslator translation services. It can also be used as a standalone text-to-speech service.

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      • text to voice conversion
      • male and female versions
      • voice replay
      • voice speed control



English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.


TTS VoiceVoices


Chinese Mandarin (female), Chinese Cantonese (female), Chinese Taiwanese (female), Dutch (female), English UK (male, female), English US (male, female), French (female), German (male, female), Hindi (female), Indonesian (female), Italian (female), Italian (male), Japanese (female), Korean (female), Polish (female), Portuguese Brazilian (female), Russian (female), Spanish European (male, female), Spanish US (female).